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The Forerunner Studies

Module One: Isaiah 


Coming Fall 2021: Module One of the Forerunner Study Track. 
Starting in late August we will be launching a Video Course of Mike's Teaching of Isaiah 2-44.


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Join Mike Bickle, as he teaches through the start of more than 150 chapters that are related to the end-time message.

Module 1 is the first of two modules covering the book of Isaiah. Mike Bickle goes chapter by chapter, examining and presenting each theme and passage methodically, while also listening carefully to the Holy Spirit so we can understand, live, and share the Forerunner Message.

It is the first of six modules in the Forerunner Study Track, in which Mike, over the course of three years, takes us through these 150+ chapters.

If you have previously taken a Forerunner Studies course, this course counts fully towards the CBETS Certificate of Completion of all six study modules.

For those who are beginning the Forerunner Study Track, to earn a certificate of completion requires the completion of weekly questions, attendance of a weekly facilitated discussion group, and a final 2-page reflection paper on the assigned topic.



Hear what Mike has to say about Fall 2021:



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Please check back soon for Module 2 coming in January.